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1.3.    Except /a:/ and /o:/ no other long vowel is found in

the end             of tbe words.

1.4.    /o/ is not          in tbe end position.   But all the other

vowels occur in the end position also.

2.    Consonants :

w/-/w/~/i/-/v/   These        consonants do not cluster

$        J         $         &      4        an**


3*    Distribution of consonants :

3.1.   /!/  /r/ /fl/ /in/ Alone have the ability to occur in

all   ;Fe pc*;f:crs : e. :r:'"gl!\. H-cc:i!y grd in ite cr.d.


Hese consonants do not occur in the end position,

They are          only initially, and medially.

3.3.   /y/ /r/-/l/-/w/  /y/~/n/-~/m/ /a/    These are

the only consonants        can occur in the end position.

e/ This sound is found only in one word /e gi/ = sleep.

It is a nonrepetitive verb. The same sound occurs in all

tic other forms of the verb. The data is insufficient to

establish its phonemic status.